Why Do We Age?

Why do we age?

Aging is natural.It’s a complex process that affects every cell and organ and bodily function. When we age our blood vessels lose flexibility which causes hardening of the arteries, also known as arteriosclerosis. We have reduced nutrient absorption due to the declining production of digestive enzymes and we also have a smaller breathing capacity which reduces the amount of oxygen we take in. But why do we age? Why do some people age faster or slower and in different ways than others?

Can research and knowledge of aging and longevity be used to fight the diseases and disabilities associated with old age?

Can we, as humans, improve our odds of being healthy, active, and independent and do it later into life. Can we actually increase our life span and slow the aging process.

Diseases and Disabilities

Aging increase our susceptibility to disease and increases the severity of the illnesses we contract as we approach our later years. Reaching age 65 means that you have an 88% chance of having at least one chronic health condition.Many of our everyday behaviors are damaging to our health including: Tobacco use

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