Which Knee Brace Is Right For You?

Has the pain you are experiencing started a long time ago, or did you injure yourself recently? If so, what is the mechanism of injury? These are great questions for you to consider if you are looking for a knee brace. Truthfully, there are several well-known manufacturers of quality knee braces. But, if you are new to knee braces, you can easily get “lost in the forest” of trying to decide which knee brace is best for your needs. Let’s keep it really simple, because that is the way the answer must be for you to make the best decision. There are a number of knee braces and each can have different facets due to your diagnosis.

Do you have a mild injury?

Do you have a moderate knee injury?

Do you have a knee injury that is serious?

Are you suffering from a form of arthritis?

What would you rate your pain on a scale one out of ten?

These are important questions. The first thing a person must consider is that there are a number of knee brace categories. There are knee braces for osteoarthritis (OA), post operative rehabilitation (such as post op knee braces) patella-femoral tracking,

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