What Is Yeast Infection Really All About?

The medical term for yeast infection is Candidiasis and which refers to an infection that occurs because of microscopic fungi groups or yeast, and the number of species of Candida is thought to be about twenty. You will generally find fungi living on the body’s surface. Sometimes they multiply to the extent that they cause infections.

Care should be taken to take recurring instances of yeast infection seriously because they could be a sign of some other very serious illness including diabetes or leukemia, and worse still, it could also point in the direction of AIDS.

The most common areas of the body where such infections occur are in the moist warm parts of the body. Probably, the most common form of yeast infection is the one that occurs in the vagina. Other common infections are diaper rash and nailbed.

Under The Armpits

So, the first place you should look for signs of yeast infection could be under the armpits and even though the body is quite adept at fighting off such infections, nevertheless sometimes a breakdown or cut in the body’s skin can allow for the penetration of such organisms.

In the case of babies, yeast infection is commonly found in the mouth as well as in the area where diapers are tied, while oral yeast infection in adults is quite common especially with advancing age. Some of the areas where yeast infection occurs in adults include near the dentures, beneath the breast and also in the lower abdomen, nailbed as well as under the folds of skin.

One particular characteristic of yeast infection is that it can often only be a temporary condition, and soon the infection can be cleared up with simple treatments.  Though in rare instances it can spread all over the body and if you have systemic yeast infection, there is a seventy-five percent chance of your dieing as a consequence of it.

In fact, it has been seen that with mouth as well as vaginal yeast infection, there can be other very critical illnessnesses accompanying it which may also be hard to treat.

However, if given proper treatment, yeast infection will normally disappear without need for any further steps or treatment and instances of vaginal, thrush and even diaper rash require barely one or two weeks to disappear, though if you have a weak immune system, the problem can resurface any time and may prove to be hard to treat.

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