Weight Loss Tracking: Essential Part Of A Weight Loss Program

Weight loss can prove to be a double edged sword with health benefits weighing against drastic changes in the lifestyle, affecting the personality of the individual. Obesity, the disease in which the excess body fat has accumulated to such an extent that the health is at risk is definitely not desirable in any human being. Health organizations and authorities view obesity as a fundamental and growing public health problem that has to be alleviated by encouraging healthy dietary choices and physical exercise on a population-wide scale and therefore weight loss tools are widely promoted. Positive effect Weight loss has a positive effect of the individual in general and also keeps at bay diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, and most cardiovascular diseases.

There is a profound connection of body weight and the mind. Many weight loss trackers motivate the individual to lose weight by maintaining a record of weights, diets etc. What is BMI? The Body Mass Index (weight divided by mass squared) plays a vital role in determining how obese a person is- the favorable BMI should be between 25 and 29.9. But all scales and weight measurements can often be untrustworthy

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