Top Seventeen Gemstones’ Special Effects

1. Amethyst

This dazzling man-made Ring through natural Amethyst gemstone is made of Sterling-Silver weighs 12gm. Amethyst is a Triangle shaped Ring which is skillfully engraved in curve and rope design around the stone. This gemstone is 100% natural Amethyst semi-precious gemstones.

As far as the top most effect of Amethyst is concerned, well it is paranormally a unique and uplifting gemstone as it is a carrier of the purple color ray and this gemstone has a great influence upon the problems of stomach and liver.

2. Aquamarine

This gemstone is known as the ocean of love and compassion as it helps those people who are involved in certain kinds of deep and fanatic love matters. Therefore, it is to say that the Aquamarine gemstone is the gemstone of love, unity, sympathy and kindness.

3. Cape Amethyst

This gemstone is carved for the conscience-alliance and it refines the inner soul of the people and it leads them into verge of emotions, self-contentment, energy and spiritualism, etc. Cape Amethyst is one the best gemstones for those eople who are indulge in the disease of Arthritis as it makes the human muscles and joints stronger and stronger.

4. Carnelian

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