Seaweed Body Wrap – Heal Body Cracks, Cellulite and Dry Skin

The first thing that seaweed wrap does to the skin is to exfoliate it. Naturally, such type of mixture for exfoliating skin contains sea salt – known for its therapeutic benefits. Sea salt is natural and it does not contain deposit contaminants that can get into our pores and skin cells.

After using the seaweed wrap to exfoliate the skin, skin clay is usually applied to the skin to soothe the skin. Towels that are hot are soaked into the herbal solutions and it’s normally wrap around the body for about 30 minutes to one hour. The actual wrapping timings will depend on the depth of the skin relaxation, sweating and toning that you want to achieve.

The best thing about seaweed wrap is that it helps our body to detoxify. Through the process of sweating, impurities is eliminated from our body. You can try to drink some juices while doing the wrap to keep your body hydrated and to aid the detoxify process. It is very important to keep in mind that in any body wrap that we do, we must always be hydrated during the time you sweat. This will help to bring out the toxins out our body.

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