Safe and Sensible Detoxification

In my private practice, I recently received this question about liver cleansing: “My friends are doing a community liver cleanse and I was wondering how you felt about a liver cleanse/detox? There is something appealing about the idea of GETTING RID OF whatever isn’t working in a particular organ. I have always avoided them; however, because I was (and remain a bit) nervous about what type of healing reaction (as I have heard it called) I would get. I’ve heard people having quite amazing results, even seeing stuff like stones and weird color things in their stool.”I shudder when I hear about detoxing and liver cleanses.

I have treated many complications from these liver cleanses and it can take a lot of effort to repair the side effects. Liver cleanses are a popular practice – an appealing quick shortcut to washing away all sorts of imbalance in the body. In a very healthy person or a really sick person, the right kind of detoxing and cleansing could be beneficial. However, for most people, cleanses arouse the system abruptly and make you feel a false increase in energy. People tell stories of passing stones and odd things while on a liver flush, etc.

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