Miracle Fat Burning Foods to Help You Lose Belly Fat Now

A fat loss program can be hard to follow. Many of us know the general rules like; don’t eat junk food, don’t drink sodas, don’t eat sweets, and eat more fruits and vegetables. But what are the foods you can eat to help burn that fat away? You can turn any diet into an extreme fat loss program with some dietary help you might not have known about. These are the missing links that seem to help melt fat away, no matter what. The following are the amazing foods that help you lose fat and shed those stubborn pounds.

Green tea has been known to be a miracle food for centuries. And now we know that green tea helps you lose fat. This includes the fat around your belly or mid-section that not only looks bad, but can be a dangerous signal for serious disease. Green tea helps to stimulate your body’s thermogenesis – also called your body’s ability to burn fat. This means that as you drink the tea, your body starts melting the fat away. Modern research shows that green tea helps reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and strengthens your immune system,

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