Knee Pain Relief : Meniscus Tears – How To Survive Them

Are you looking for a way to survive the knee pain associated with your meniscus tear? If you would like free information on how to help reduce this kind of pain then read on. Your meniscus is a shock-absorbing cartilage found in your knee. Tears can happen when a person is over-flexing or excessively twisting their knee joint. Often times it is a sports related injury. There is a meniscus located in two parts of each of your knees. One provides shock absorption on the outside aspect (also known as the lateral aspect), and the other is located on the medial aspect (inside portion). It also keeps your femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone) from grinding against each other.

In other words, if a person was somehow unfortunate enough to be born without their menisci, their weight would fall squarely upon their bones and this would promote boney fractures and a ton of knee joint pain. Even a very small tear to the mensicus can cause a lot of pain, which is the overall reason why the health of your meniscus is vitally important.

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