Is Jaw Pain a Dental Problem?

Many people visit the dentist not for pain in their teeth or gums, but for pain in their jaws. Does jaw pain signify a problem that requires the services of a dental care professional? You bet it does! While it isn’t always the case, jaw pain could be caused by Temporomandibular Disorders, or TMD, also known as TMJ.

TMJ is signified by pain in the jaw, around the ear, and clicking or popping noises in the jaw when one opens his or her mouth. TMJ can also result in frequent headaches and what appears to be a frequent sore neck. Your lower jaw is called your mandible. The mandible along with muscles, two joints, and ligaments are responsible for opening and closing your mouth, and even aid in chewing and swallowing. The two joints are referred to as the TMJs. When the mandible isn’t working properly with the TMJs, this results in a big problem, even though it seems fairly mild.A dentist must confirm or negate the existence of a temporomandibular disorder. This is usually done with x-rays and an exam. However, you will be happy to note that not all jaw pain is the result of this type of disorder.

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