Improve Your Breathing With Yoga

With all the stress and physical abuse we put our bodies through on a daily basis it is good to know that there is an alternative. Yoga is an ancient form of art that has been practiced for many centuries to improve the overall health and well being of a person. It includes many exercises or positions to help the mind and body heal and work in unison.

Different exercises work on different areas of the body. This allows you to pinpoint certain areas or work on your entire body. Examples of postures would be stretching exercises like the Downward dog, this strengthens muscles and can help with joint problems like arthritis. At first these exercises are a little difficult but as your muscles become stronger and you become more experienced they will become easier.

Yoga is a discipline that encompasses your entire body and mind. In order to be able to carry out your exercises or postures you will need to learn the art of breathing correctly. As you learn Pranayama, or breathing exercises they will help you to relax and energize your body to keep it in balance. This promotes good health and a sense of well being.

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