I Have Flat Feet0 It0s Not Arthritis Is It?

Having flat feet is a common condition with about 25 percent of the population having this disorder. The medical term for flat foot is “pes planus.”

Contrary to popular belief though, having flat feet is a potentially serious problem. It has been associated with plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the soft tissue of the bottom of the heel), Achilles tendonitis, painful shin splints and osteoarthritis of the knee.

While most people with flat feet probably have a genetic predisposition towards this, some people have 0acquired0 flat feet0 in other words, they develop it over time.

The most common cause of acquired flat foot in an adult patient is posterior tibial tendonopathy (tendonitis).
While posterior tibial tendonopathy is a common disorder, it is often overlooked.
So0 what are some of the factors that might cause posterior tibial tendonopathy?

Often, a flat foot will develop over time following an injury to the ankle. Patients may be overweight. A typical scenario is a middle-aged person who suddenly increases their activity level. It is a common disorder in runners and hikers.

Signs and symptoms include:
0 Pain and swelling of the inside part of the ankle extending down into the arch of the foot

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