How Your Pets Diet Can Effect Diseases?

If you are feeding your dog store bought food that is produced by the large manufacturing companies, your pet may face some health problems. Some large manufacturers are using products in their food that has been removed from human foods. Find out what you are feeding your dog or cat.

Like most of the population, you would think that dog and cat food manufacturers are paying close attention to a healthy formula for your pets’ good health and wellbeing. It may surprise you to know that not all manufacturers do, and that some use discarded animal parts that can actually harm your dog.

Not long ago, pet owners were shocked to find out that the food they were feeding their dogs had toxic ingredients and were causing many deaths in the pet world. Healthy dogs were fed this store-bought dog food that was well trusted by the unsuspecting public. Federal testing of some of the cat and dog food and the wheat gluten used in their production turned up the chemical melamine, which can be toxic in high doses. Gluten brings elasticity and chewiness to baked products, but in this case was toxic.

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