How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte? Unveiling the Truth 2023

Hey guys, today we are diving deep into a historical misconception that’s been around for centuries. Many of us have heard that Napoleon Bonaparte was incredibly short, but is it really true? Let’s explore How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte? facts and debunk the myth.

How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte
How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte’s height was often a subject of debate. However, historical records indicate that he stood somewhere between 168 and 170 cm, which is approximately 5’6″ to 5’7″.

While this might not be considered very tall by today’s standards, it was actually above the average height for French men during Napoleon’s era, which was around 5’5″.

Interestingly, only five U.S. presidents have been taller than Napoleon, but we rarely discuss their height when talking about their achievements.

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The Origins of the Myth on How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte
How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

So, how did the misconception of Napoleon being short come about? Well, there are a few factors at play here.

1. Measurement Discrepancy One contributing factor was a measurement discrepancy between French and British (and American) feet. Napoleon’s height was approximately 5’2″ in French feet, but when converted to British (and American) feet, it equated to 5’7″. This difference in measurement standards added to the confusion.

2. Tall Companions Napoleon was often seen in the company of his Imperial Guard, who were notably tall and imposing. This stark height contrast likely contributed to the misconception of him being short.

*3. “The Little Corporal” Napoleon earned the nickname “the Little Corporal” during his early military career due to his tendency to micromanage artillery positions in battle. This nickname was given to him affectionately by his soldiers, who respected his hands-on leadership.

British Propaganda and Misconception

The myth of Napoleon’s short stature was perpetuated by British propaganda. Cartoons mocking Napoleon’s height were widely published in British newspapers for over a decade.

With no photography or television to counter these caricatures, the public readily accepted the false impression.

Contributions to the Myth

How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte
How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

Leo Tolstoy furthered the myth in the 19th century with his portrayal of Napoleon as “the undersized Napoleon” in his novel War and Peace.

Additionally, Dr. Alfred Adler, a psychotherapist, introduced the Napoleonic Complex, suggesting that short men were overly aggressive due to feelings of inferiority. This theory has since been debunked by modern research.

In conclusion, the idea that Napoleon Bonaparte was extremely short is a historical misconception rooted in a combination of factors, including measurement discrepancies, tall companions, and British propaganda.

The truth is that Napoleon was of average height for his time. Let’s remember him for his historical significance rather than perpetuating myths about his stature.

Napoleon Height: A Recap

  • Napoleon’s true height: Approximately 168 to 170 cm (5’6″ to 5’7″).
  • Measurement discrepancy: French vs. British feet caused confusion.
  • Tall companions: Napoleon’s Imperial Guard members were much taller.
  • “The Little Corporal”: A nickname given to him affectionately by his soldiers.
  • British propaganda: Caricatures and misinformation spread in newspapers.
  • Literary contributions: Tolstoy and Dr. Adler added to the myth.
  • Modern research disproves the Napoleonic Complex theory.

Conclusion – How Tall Was Napoleon Bonaparte

In conclusion, the myth of Napoleon Bonaparte’s short stature has persisted for centuries, but the historical facts reveal a different story.

Napoleon’s height was within the range of average for his time, and any perceived shortness was largely a result of measurement discrepancies, the presence of tall companions, and British propaganda.

It’s essential to separate historical fact from fiction and remember Napoleon for his remarkable achievements and impact on history, rather than perpetuating misconceptions about his physical stature.

By shedding light on the truth, we can appreciate the man behind the myth and gain a deeper understanding of this iconic historical figure.


Was Napoleon Bonaparte really short?

Napoleon Bonaparte was not exceptionally short. Historical records suggest he stood between 168 to 170 cm (approximately 5’6″ to 5’7″), which was above the average height for French men in his era.

Why is there a common misconception that Napoleon was short?

The misconception about Napoleon’s height can be attributed to a few factors, including measurement discrepancies between French and British (and American) feet, his tall Imperial Guard members, and the British propaganda that caricatured him as short.

What is the origin of the nickname “the Little Corporal”?

“The Little Corporal” was a nickname given to Napoleon by his soldiers during his early military career. It reflected his hands-on leadership style and was meant as a term of affection.

Did British propaganda play a role in perpetuating the myth of Napoleon’s shortness?

Yes, British propaganda played a significant role in spreading the myth. Caricatures and cartoons depicting Napoleon as short were widely published in British newspapers for an extended period.

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