Hot Tub in Spain – Benefits for Watsu & Hydro Massage

What an outstanding way to get that water therapy that you so richly deserve and need. At the same time helping to relax and refresh your mind, body, and soul and provide you with the relaxation and break that you deserve from your Hot Tub. The physical properties of water mean that it is a very useful medium in which to exercise and at the same time treat muscle, neck, and back pain. The natural advantages that water provides to help with Hydromassage and Hydrotherapy are of course related to the Buoyancy and Viscosity effect of water. Buoyancy and Semi Buoyancy – The flotation effect of water helps to a considerable degree to counterbalance gravity and this, of course, helps to support our own body weight and this can be controlled by using different massage seats in the Hot Tub.

This semi buoyancy is supported to the development of improved balance and strength and some simple exercises such as flexing and stretching can be carried out in a warm pleasant environment. Watsu is a water-based treatment that combines water with Shiatsu, which is a long-established Japanese Massage technique where pressure massage is applied to the body’s energy points

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