Has Facebook Logo Changed? The New Chapter in Meta Rebranding

Is Facebook Logo Changed ? On September 20, 2023, Facebook pleasantly surprised its extensive user community by introducing subtle modifications to its iconic ‘f’ logo.

These revisions, though delicate in nature, mark the latest developments in Meta’s ongoing efforts to redefine its brand. For those who may not have noticed yet, the vertical line in the logo now appears slightly thicker, the left side of the horizontal line has been shortened, and the right side boasts a sharper angle.

This strategic move underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to continuously reshaping its brand identity to remain fresh and relevant in our ever-evolving digital era.

Summary of Facebook logo changed

DateEvent Description
September 20, 2023Facebook introduces slight changes to its ‘f’ logo.
October 2021Facebook rebrands as Meta with a new infinity loop ‘M’ logo.
FutureMeta hints at more platform changes focusing on the metaverse.
2023Introduction of the Threads app by Meta.

The Subtle Logo Adjustments

The alterations to Facebook’s logo may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The primary changes include:

  • A more prominent vertical line.
  • A compressed left side of the horizontal line.
  • A more pronounced right angle on the horizontal line.

According to Meta, these changes render the logo “more assertive, dynamic, and enduring.”

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The Emergence of Meta

In October 2021, Facebook underwent a significant transformation by rebranding itself as Meta and introducing a new logo.

This innovative design features an abstract infinity loop that gracefully morphs into the letter ‘M.’ Notably, this symbol now adorns Meta’s stock symbol and their updated social media profiles.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Infinity Loop

The infinity loop, devoid of sharp corners, symbolizes boundless potential and endless opportunities. It signifies Meta’s steadfast commitment to innovation, growth, and the ushering in of the metaverse – a digital realm bursting with novel possibilities for connectivity.

The Future of Rebranding

Meta’s future promises further captivating changes, with announcements hinting at shifts in platform reactions, typography, and other visual elements.

These planned adjustments underscore the company’s dedication to its metaverse-focused direction and the groundbreaking technologies it is introducing.

Public Perception

Feedback regarding Facebook’s logo transformation has been polarized. While some applaud the redesign for being more assertive, others find it strongly reminiscent of its predecessor.

Nevertheless, there is consensus on one point: Meta’s rebranding journey will leave a lasting impact on the tech industry.

The Background Color Shift

Accompanying the logo tweaks is a subtle shift in the background color from blue. Meta describes this transition as a “more assertive representation of Facebook’s foundational blue.”

Color, often underestimated, plays a significant role in branding and evokes powerful emotional responses. Facebook’s enduring blue hue has long been associated with reliability and trust.

Can You Spot the Differences?

As a challenge to our readers, can you discern these subtle logo changes? We encourage you to examine the logo and test your powers of observation.

Threads by Meta

Meta’s commitment to innovation extends beyond logos. They have recently introduced “Threads,” a messaging application designed to foster connections among close friends and family.

This app is available in more than 100 countries and has garnered endorsements from celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay and Shakira.

While initial sign-ups have soared, sustaining consistent user engagement remains a challenge for the platform.


The recent adjustments to Facebook’s logo may seem minor, but they signify a profound evolution in Meta’s ongoing rebranding journey.

As Meta continues to forge ahead, the digital world eagerly anticipates the far-reaching effects of these transformations.

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What changes were made to the Facebook logo in 2023?

In 2023, the ‘f’ logo underwent changes that included a thicker vertical line, a shorter left side of the horizontal line, and a more pronounced right angle.

When did Facebook rebrand to Meta?

The rebranding of Facebook to Meta occurred in October 2021, accompanied by the introduction of a new logo resembling an infinity loop.

What does the infinity loop in Meta’s logo symbolize?

The infinity loop signifies boundless potential and Meta’s commitment to innovation, growth, and the vast possibilities of the metaverse.

What is the purpose of Meta’s new app, Threads?

Threads is a messaging application aimed at strengthening connections among close friends and family. It is available in over 100 countries.

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