Does The Atkins Diet Work

My husband and I decided that we needed to address our weight. We were both carrying more weight than we needed to be. Friends of ours were on the low carbohydrates diet, and had lost weight quickly, but our question was does the atkins diet work in keeping the weight off. We decided that we would research this and other diets to see what we would be able to fit into our lives the easiest. We knew that the plan had to be easy to follow and flexible in order for us to stay on it. We knew that most diets would give you results if followed faithfully, yet we were concerned about what happens in the long term.

The low carb Atkins diet is one of the most controversial diet plans ever, and the controversy is showing no signs of falling off. Amid the strange claims that people can lose huge amounts of weight through eating nothing but fatty protein laden meals, lots of questions emerge. Is the Atkins diet safe? Does the Atkins diet really work? Although there is not universal agreement on many of these questions, it is still important to answer them. With the controversy over the safety of the Atkins diet meal plan, the most important thing is to do enough research to determine that it is the right diet plan for you before you even try it.

My husband had me look into low carb dieting to know does the atkins diet work and he was going to look into lower fat dieting. In a way asking the question does Atkins diet work seemed silly considering that the number of people that were following some form of it was growing on a national level. Restaurants and fast food chains were changing their menus to accommodate the number of people that were looking for foods that were lower in carbohydrates. Due to the number of people that are following the Atkins diet it was easy to find information on it.

As far as I can tell, the answer to the question does the Atkins diet work is a resounding yes. The answers to the other questions, however, are a little bit trickier. I am not really that interested in how it works, but I am interested in whether or not it is dangerous. The problem is that there are so many people in the medical community who are paid money for sponsoring various programs, medications, or diet plans that it is often difficult to get good information. Most people reported having increased energy as well. We have decided that we will try reducing the carbohydrates in our diet and also cut the amount of fat we take in. We are creating a hybrid system that we hope will give us results as well as change our eating habits for the rest of our lives.

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