Detox Foot Baths, They Worked For Me

Detox foot baths have become popular in the last few years, and as always with something new, someone going to come up with an opposing opinion on it. We are now starting to see some negative articles on the subject as I expected would happen. But before you go into agreement with the naysayers, read the rest of this article before you decide on whether or not this is something for you.

First off, there is a misconception about foot baths I would like to clear up. The unit itself does not detox you! It is not about detoxing through your feet. Let me explain.

The body has its own electrical impulses that flow throughout the body daily. In a normal healthy body this flow goes uninterrupted. However, as toxicity, injury and illness occur the electrical flow can be slowed, rerouted or stopped and one starts to feel bad. The ionic foot bath, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, gently puts a current of positive and negative ions into the water which travel throughout the body. Negative ions can create a sense of well being.

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