Controlling Sebarea Dermatitis

Sebarea dermatitis or otherwise known as seborrhea is commonly known also as dandruff. It is a skin condition where the individual is affected with dandruff, inflamed skin or redness on the scalp and parts of the face, thick scales on the scalp and other parts of the face and even on the torso, especially below the breast and other places.

Sebarea dermatitis causes are unknown but studies have revealed the triggers and other factors which makes a person prone to sebarea dermatitis. Research has also revealed that more men get sebarea dermatitis compared to women. Researchers suspect that the main cause of seborrhea dermatitis is a certain yeast but this theory needs more study and research before it can be conclusive while others suspect the transmittal to be genetic since dermatitis can not be transferred from one individual to another. If your parents or grandparents suffer from this condition, then it is highly likely that you or your children will have it also.

Seborrhea is also said to be an overproduction of the skin cells which is why there are plenty of flakes and scales when the individual suffers from it. Outbreaks do not last long but they usually come and go depending on the individuals’ exposure to triggers.

Triggers of Sebarea Dermatitis

This skin condition can be triggered or is sensitive to climate changes, hormones, infections and illnesses, stress, HIV, medication and sometimes even allergens in the food. This genetically transmitted condition usually occurs in the scalp, parts of the head and torso. These factors that can aggravate the skin condition are very common and sometimes innate or our doing.

Treating Sebarea Dermatitis

People who suffer from sebarea dermatitis or seborrhea can attest that there are times when their condition improves and then they get it all over again. There is no cure for this condition at the moment; this is the case of most dermatitis conditions. The good news is that sebarea dermatitis is a manageable condition. There are also many kinds of agents that can manage and control outbreaks of sebarea dermatitis.

Medicated shampoos and other specially formulated ointments which can be applied on the scalp can help alleviate the flaking and the inflammation that come with seborrhea. There are other herbal or natural remedies which can be sometimes strange and others work but only temporarily just like the chemical ones. Sebarea dermatitis needs continuous and constant attention because inmost cases, even when the skin condition is normal, the person suffering from it needs to maintain the use of the medication prescribed to him.

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