Best Ways To Manage Dry Skin

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from dry skin, or xerosis, on an ongoing basis. Sometimes just a temporary situation, dry skin can worsen during winter when humidity drops. For some people however, dry skin doesn’t resolve easily leaving them to cope with the uncomfortable symptoms year round. Dry Skin Symptoms Dry skin is most commonly … Read more

I Have Flat Feet0 It0s Not Arthritis Is It?

Having flat feet is a common condition with about 25 percent of the population having this disorder. The medical term for flat foot is “pes planus.” Contrary to popular belief though, having flat feet is a potentially serious problem. It has been associated with plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the soft tissue of the bottom of … Read more

Weight Loss And Fat Burning Foods

Imagine this. There are a group of foods where you can eat practically all you wish to and at the same time still lose weight. Well, it is true. The following are some foods that require more calories to burn than they contain. Eating these foods will help melt the fat away. Making healthy substitutions … Read more