Canine Arthritis Occurs In Older Dogs

Older dogs that suffer from canine arthritis are just like newborn baby as they will not be able to utter their pain once they are afflicted with arthritis. But you will notice that the older dogs will slow down and be less active than before. They can’t voice their pain but it is evidence for all to see that they are in pain.

Such pain is the result of canine arthritis and it is very widespread in dogs but bigger dogs will be more afflicted than smaller dogs. With canine arthritis, the bigger dogs will encounter much-limited mobility than smaller dogs.

Dogs are precious companion to many dogs lover and canine arthritis will inflict great pain to their beloved dogs. They will cringe when you touch them and have difficulty climbing stairs and getting into cars. The dogs will go through the pain in silence for they are not able to utter it.

Canine arthritis is very similar to arthritis that human suffers and the pain and other symptoms vary. Canine arthritis is in fact the inflammation of the joints, just like arthritis in human. Once afflicted with canine, the dogs will get worst with time.

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