Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

While LASIK is a helpful operation for many with vision problems, it’s not for everybody. There are six basic guidelines that will help you determine of LASIK is appropriate for you (Keep in mind, though, that a medical professional is the best judge of whether you should seek this procedure).

1) First, the overall condition of your eyes must be healthy. If there is any condition that might affect the way your eyes react to surgery or to the healing process, you should wait until the condition is no longer an issue. Examples of conditions that might require you to wait include dry eyes, eye injury or conjunctivitis. There are a few other conditions that might exclude you completely from consideration, including cataracts, keratoconus or uncontrolled glaucoma.

2) Obviously you have to be an adult. There are certain surgical procedures that only adults may receive. Some of these require that the patient be 18, while others require you be 21. There are some exceptions that will allow LASIK for minors, but these are few and rare.

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