Aloe Vera Juice for Healthy Digestion, Weight Loss, Detox and AntiAging

The use of aloe vera for health and healing is popularly known. We have used aloe vera for health and healing for centuries. The aloe plant is related to the onion/garlic plant and also the lily plant. Its appearance is very similar to the cactus. Aloe vera contains nineteen amino acids, twenty minerals e.g. calcium and magnesium, enzymes, polysaccharides, nitrogen, and twelve vitamins. These compounds account for their popularity as a source of nutrition, a healing agent, and a valuable cosmetic enhancing agent as aloe aids in the elimination of dead skin cells.

Aloe is most popularly known for its external application for skin disorders, wounds, and sunburn. However, many of us are discovering the tremendous health benefits of aloe for internal use taken in juice form. Aloe vera helps heal internal tissue damage as effectively as it helps heal external tissue damage and promotes new cell growth. Aloe vera has been used as an anti-inflammatory in treating various stomach disorders. Those of us suffering from indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome have received relief from aloe vera juice. Used for its laxative action, aloe vera helps eliminate toxins e.g. heavy metals.

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