A Few Things Worth Knowing About Atopic Dermatitis

If you have developed atopic dermatitis, you will be at risk of having a skin disease that is going to last for many years to come and this disease is also one that you can inherit being known to be passed on from one generation of a family to another and even appearing together in the family. In fact, atopic dermatitis is part of a family of diseases that includes hay fever and also asthma and this is a disease that causes a person’s skin to become very itchy and also inflamed, and you will also see reddening of the skin accompanied by swelling and also weeping as well as crusting, and some cracking as also scaling.

Affects Children And Infants The Most

Atopic dermatitis also affects children the most and is especially seen in infants and also very young children though adults too are not immune from the disease which is characterized by flare-ups and also remissions. In case of severe instances of atopic dermatitis there are many flares while in the event of remissions the skin will clear up and generally improve in its condition.

When atopic dermatitis is inherited, it has been noticed that the environment can also cause the disease to be activated though you still need to differentiate between atopic dermatitis and eczema with the latter being more of a generic term that applies for different kinds of dermatitis, while the former is the most usual type of eczema. In addition, a person that has atopic dermatitis will find his or her skin becoming itchy and also inflamed and such instances are labeled as chronic diseases.

It has also been found that persons that have atopic dermatitis must of necessity avoid becoming stressed out and also avoid hot environmental conditions, and must even need to forego using some skin care products including soaps and also shampoos that may irritate the skin. Another important step you need to take to not have additional flare-ups of atopic dermatitis is to make necessary changes to your lifestyle and also your living habits, and also learn about proper skin care and maintaining the skin and then put that knowledge to good use.

There is as yet no clear notion in the minds of experts as to what the real causes of atopic dermatitis are though, as mentioned, it is attributed to genetics and also environmental factors. The diagnosis of this disease depends on symptoms which vary from person to person and before an accurate diagnosis can be arrived at, your doctor will need to know about your symptoms when they occur and also be able to rule out other possible diseases and also enquire about other members of your family who have allergies.

Things that make your atopic dermatitis worse include irritants and also allergens, as too stress and anger as well as frustration.

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